The Man From Hong Kong Lobby Card - 'Hang-gliding'

Lobby card with main image of getting set to hang glide of a tall building. In the background you can see the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney skyline. Around this image is the film title on blue background and other scenes from the film.
The Man From Hong Kong Lobby Card - 'Hang-gliding'
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This lobby card from The Man From Hong Kong (1975) shows lead actor Jimmy Wang Yu (1943–2022) getting ready to hang-glide from the rooftop of a tall building in Sydney.

On the the edge of the image are various scenes including Sydney Harbour and shots of Inspector Fang hang-gliding, in bed with a woman and on the ground fighting.

The prominent featuring of hang-gliding on this lobby card successfully signals the high level of action, adventure and dangerous stunts in the movie. 

More surprising for the mid-70s era is perhaps the image of the Asian man and Caucasian woman embracing. It successfully adds to the risqué nature of the lobby card, and tells us the film will be in some ways transgressive, supported by the film's R-rating.