The Man From Hong Kong Lobby Card - 'Fight Scene'

Lobby card with main image of 2 men, 1 in a dark grey suit, the other in white pants and dark jacket are fighting in a martial arts style surrounded by onlookers. Around this image is the film title on blue background and other scenes from the film.
The Man From Hong Kong Lobby Card - 'Fight Scene'
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This lobby card from The Man From Hong Kong shows Jimmy Wang Yu (1943–2022) in a fight against George Lazenby. On the the edge of the image are various scenes including Sydney Harbour and shots of Inspector Fang hang-gliding, in bed with a woman and on the ground fighting.

This was the second of three films that George Lazenby made for Golden Harvest Productions, the other two being Stoner, AKA The Shrine of Ultimate Bliss (1974) and A Queen's Ransom, AKA International Assassin (1976).

The lobby card features several key elements from the film, and is unsurprisingly dominated by an image of the martial arts fight between the two protagonists. What is surprising for the time is the inclusion of the sexual image in the lower left between an Asian man and a Caucasian woman. It successfully adds to the risqué nature of the card, effectively telling us the film will be transgressive, particularly as we know the movie was R rated. Overall, it's an enticing montage of images.