Mad Max: Joanne Samuel as Jessie

Joanne Samuel as Jessie Rockatansky in Mad Max 1 looking worried
Mad Max: Joanne Samuel as Jessie
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Jessie Rockantansky, portrayed by Joanne Samuel, is the wife of Max and mother to their son, Sprog.

The deaths of Jessie and Sprog by the Toecutter's gang are the catalyst for Max becoming 'mad' (which can be read as both angry or insane).

The Mad Max universe, especially in the later films, is one of mostly unrelenting brutality. To offset this, or perhaps to emphasise it, Jessie and Sprog provide a softer and more vulnerable presence. Their demise, however, is inevitable; we know Max will be powerless to prevent it. 

This production still – with Jessie in soft focus with furrowed brow and perfectly styled perm – effectively illustrates the gentler quality that Joanne Samuel's Jessie brings to Mad Max.