Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Australian Daybill Poster

Poster featuring Mel Gibson and Tina Turner, with cast. Text reads: 'A lone warrior searching for his destiny...A tribe of lost children waiting for a hero...In a world battling to survive, they meet a woman determined to rule.
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Australian Daybill Poster
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This beautifully designed poster for Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome is in stark contrast to the posters for the first two films in the franchise.

Images of cars and motorbikes no longer dominate; they are merely a visual coda at the bottom of the poster.

Instead, the film is driven by the two main characters, Max (Mel Gibson) and Aunty Entity (Tina Turner), and the poster effectively delivers this message.

In addition, while the posters for the previous films had a clear futuristic bent, this poster's visuals suggest a parallel history of tribal conflict.