Mad Max 2 Yugoslav Poster

Illustrated image, futuristic vehicle in centre, partial view of two men on either side holding weapons, building exploding in background. Film title and credits at bottom.
Mad Max 2 Yugoslav Poster
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This poster for the release of Mad Max 2 in the former Yugoslavia uses the title Drumski Ratnik (Road Warrior, echoing the film's US title) and tagline 'Odlučiće jedan čovek' ('one man will decide').

The design showcases a futuristic vehicle in the centre, flanked by two muscular men holding weapons while a building explodes in the background.

It's a very engaging and threatening design that would have attracted potential audiences. It's also a stylised visual interpretation of the blinding heat, dust and barren landscape in which the film is actually set; this poster arguably has a more traditional science-fiction feel.