Mad Max 2: Vernon Wells as Wez

Crazed looking man with a mohawk haircut on the back of a truck
Mad Max 2: Vernon Wells as Wez
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Wez, portrayed by Vernon Wells in Mad Max 2, is a member of Humungus' violent gang of marauders.

This production still of Wez is a fabulous image. It captures his crazed psychotic menace and is a great record of the character's costume.

Wez is one of the most memorable characters in Mad Max 2. Actor Vernon Wells's backstory for Wez imagined him as being the equivalent of a futuristic Vietnam War veteran.

Wez's companion, the Golden Youth (played by Jerry O'Sullivan), was originally written to be played by a woman. While fans of the series have speculated that Wez and the Golden Child had a sexual relationship, Wells considered their bond to be more that of father and son.

Either way, the relationship added a further dimension to Wez's character in the film.