Mad Max 2: Emil Minty as the Feral Kid

Wild looking child on a truck holding a shotgun.
Mad Max 2: Emil Minty as the Feral Kid
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The Feral Kid is played by child actor Emily Minty in Mad Max 2.

The character is a precursor to the Lost Tribe of children who appear in the third instalment of the franchise, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985). He also recalls Max's own child, Sprog, who was killed with Max's wife in Mad Max (1979).

This production still shows the Feral Kid holding a shotgun on the tanker during the extended chase sequence as he and Max flee the oil refinery compound.

While the image captures the character's distinctive look, it's not an iconic shot because it doesn't indicate the Feral Kid's skills or feature his weapon of choice – a razor-edged boomerang.

He uses the boomerang to great effect on two members of Lord Humungus's gang in a memorable scene earlier in the film.