Mad Max 2 Australian daybill poster

Dark background. Header: 'When all that's left is one last chance, pray that he's still out there ... somewhere!' Small image of Mel Gibson, with three boxed images of Humungus, Wez and Mohawk Biker below.
Mad Max 2 Australian daybill poster
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This is an Australian daybill poster for Mad Max 2, promoting the film's local release in December 1981.

The design of this stark poster effectively illustrates the mythological cinematic hero figure. Max stands alone and isolated, not wanting or needing anyone's help. He glares from the poster like a wounded soldier.

The inserted images at the bottom of the poster of Wez, Mohawk Biker and Humungus appear almost like criminal wanted posters. That's appropriate as the Mad Max films have often been compared to the western cinema genre.