The Loved Ones

The Loved Ones
WARNING: This clip contains violence
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This is a clip from the horror film The Loved Ones (Sean Byrne, 2009).

While still grieving for his father, Brent (Xavier Samuel) has declined an invitation to the school leavers' dance from Lola 'Princess' Stone (Robin McLeavy).

Seeking revenge, Lola and her father Eric (John Brumpton) have kidnapped Brent and proceed to torture him during a demented and macabre party at their home.

In this clip, Brent wakes up tied to a chair. Lola and Eric have decorated their house in imitation of the school leavers' dance. Also in the room is a lobotomised woman they call Bright Eyes, Lola's mother (Anne Scott-Pendlebury).

Eric restrains Brent in a headlock so Lola can inject his voice box with bleach, and destroy his vocal cords.

This is a powerful and grisly scene from a movie that sometimes goes to extreme and disturbing lengths. While we see the syringe in Brent's neck, a lot of the scene's effect comes from suggestion rather than graphic violence.

The Loved Ones also contains elements of black comedy which are evident in this clip through the sad faux-party setting (with well-placed balloons), colourful costumes and the loving interaction between father and daughter (he tells her to 'press a little harder [with the syringe], princess!').

It intentionally and effectively places the viewer in a moral dilemma. Do we squirm or laugh?