Little Donkey by Neva Eder

Little Donkey by Neva Eder
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'Little Donkey' was first released in 1959 by English singer Gracie Fields. It’s a popular Christmas tune covered by many artists; its most successful version was by the Danish singing duo of Nina and Frederik in 1960. Written by English songwriter Eric Boswell, ‘Little Donkey’ has become a traditional part of the festive season and nativity plays across many primary schools and is popular with children around the world.

New Zealand-born Neva Eder’s cover of ‘Little Donkey’ takes advantage of her folk background with the simplest of piano accompaniment and a children’s choir to strengthen the chorus. This beautiful rolling version is in keeping with the theme of a donkey and his important journey.

In the 21st Century ‘Little Donkey’ has become something of a parody with comedians such as Russell Brand and the team of Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington using the song for their own comedic fodder. ‘Little Donkey’ made the ABC’s 2016 list of top ten worst Christmas carols with comments such as 'The donkey doesn't deserve a song, but at least the writers made it as dull and droning as possible’.

Have a listen and decide for yourself.