Lighthouse Keepers And Their Families

Lighthouse Keepers And Their Families
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Three lighthouse keepers and their families are the only residents on remote and windswept Maatsuyke Island, off the south-west coast of Tasmania.

Lighthouse Keepers and Their Families is an excerpt from the film The Lighthouse Keeper, a National Film Board Production, produced by the Department of Information in 1949.

A DVD containing this clip can be purchased from the NFSA's online shop.

The Lighthouse Keeper: There are few lonelier jobs than that of a lighthouse keeper. Around Australia’s long coastline are the lighthouses that provide navigational aids to ships at sea. Many of these are sited in lonely spots, but the people who tend them never fail to keep the lights ablaze. This program looks at the lifestyle of a family living in the lighthouse on Maatsuyker Island, off the southwest coast of Tasmania.