Lake rearrangement to preserve natural features

Glass slide of proposed lake showing rearrangement to preserve the natural features.
Lake rearrangement to preserve natural features
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In this slide, the Central Basin is an unusual shape and quite different to the semi-circle feature that was proposed by Walter Burley Griffin. The Eastern Basin appears as proposed by Burley Griffin.

By more closely following the natural contours in this area, Walter Scott Griffiths hoped to minimise the amount of excavation and infill needed to construct the lake, whilst still creating Central and Eastern Basins that had formal shapes rather than irregular ones.

The East Lake (or Eastern Lake) is not shown. Removal of the East Lake from the design was a finding of the Parliamentary Works Inquiry into 'Dams for Ornamental Waters – Canberra', which took place between July 1915 and November 1916.

This slide also contains Walter Scott Griffiths' alternative design for Kurrajong Hill, as seen in slide 11.

Burley Griffin's design for a proposed railway appears as a thick line on this map, which runs parallel to Constitution Avenue and then curves down around the edge of the Eastern Basin.