Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo
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16 year old Alice Palmer drowns while swimming in the local dam. A verdict of accidental death is made and her family buries her. What follows is a series of strange events in and around their home as the mystery of their daughter's life and death deepens.

Lake Mungo uses a mockumentary style of filmmaking with actors in the place of interviewees telling the story. This clip is a good example of the genre. Actor David Pledger, as the father, gives a convincing performance as someone relating an incident as if it had actually happened. The story is then expanded upon by his onscreen partner with a friend giving his opinion. The dialogue seems adlibbed, giving it an effective, naturalistic feeling. Direction is kept very simple so we can concentrate on the storytelling. The result is compelling.






Production company:
Mungo Productions Pty Ltd
Director and scriptwriter:
Joel Anderson
Georgie Nevile and David Rapsey
Associate producers:
John Brawley and Joel Anderson