Kylie as Yvonne the Terrible

Kylie as Yvonne the Terrible
Crawford Productions
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Kylie featured in an episode of the children’s television drama Zoo Family (Crawford Productions, 1985) in the role of Yvonne, a troubled foster child who causes chaos wherever she goes.  

Titled Yvonne the Terrible, this episode gave scope for a young Kylie to show off the range of her acting skills in one of her earliest roles.

In this short scene, opposite actor Gennie Nevinson, Kylie reveals a softer side to her rebellious teen character, as she talks about her love for animals. 

Zoo Family centred around veterinarian Dr David Mitchell (Peter Curtin) and his two kids (Kate Gorman and Steven Jacobson), and was set at Melbourne Zoo. It also featured Rebecca Gibney in the role of Julie Davis. 

This brief excerpt is from episode 23. 

Notes by Mel Bondfield