Kylie Minogue in Swinging Safari

Kylie Minogue is dressed up in a 1970s costume. She is playing with a daschund dog which is on wheels and is adorned with feathers.
Kylie Minogue in Swinging Safari
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The role of Kaye Hall in Stephan Elliott’s 2017 Australian film Swinging Safari is a big departure from Kylie’s other acting roles.

The camp 1970s aesthetic of the film is reflected in every aspect of this production still from Kylie’s pose, make-up and costuming to the dog’s feathery showgirl outfit.

Kylie has often played feisty characters who are wary of authority (Charlene in Neighbours, Lola in The Delinquents) so it is refreshing to see her broaden her scope as Kaye – an alcoholic, porn-obsessed, agoraphobic mother.

Taken out of context, this promotional image for the film represents an intermingling between Kylie herself and Kaye. The hair, make-up and garish costume are pure Kaye but there’s a camp sense of fun that Kylie brings to the photograph.

The dog is played by Krumm the miniature dachshund who gets around on wheels due to Intervertebral disc disease.

Director Stephan Elliott almost worked with Kylie before, when making The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994). The film was originally intended to be full of Kylie tracks but was changed when PolyGram Entertainment insisted Elliott only include songs from its own music library. Kylie songs were later used in the stage adaptation of the film in 2006.

Notes by Beth Taylor