Kylie Minogue: sex scenes in The Delinquents

Kylie Minogue: sex scenes in The Delinquents
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Kylie Minogue discusses shooting her first sex scenes for a film in this candid interview clip which features on the DVD extras for The Delinquents.

The clip reveals a somewhat shy and down-to-earth side of Kylie when she says she was embarrassed filming a sex scene with Charlie Schlatter, and hopes he was too!

Kylie talks as if she has not forgotten what it feels like to be a teenager in love and here we see her ability to stay in touch with her young audience's experiences of love and heartbreak.

This is a great example of why Kylie has always been a very relatable figure. She comes across as extremely genuine in her interview, while Charlie Schlatter's responses seem more rehearsed.

A sexy snippet of The Delinquents featuring Kylie and Charlie is included in the clip to pique viewers’ interest. The voice-over from the film’s trailer cuts in clunkily towards the end of the sex scene clip – no doubt a result of the low budget and short timeframes often allocated to produce material for DVD extras.

Notes by Beth Taylor