Kylie Minogue and Guy Pearce in Swinging Safari

Kylie Minogue and Guy Pearce dressed in 1970s clothing in a production still from Swinging Safari.
Kylie Minogue and Guy Pearce in Swinging Safari
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Having worked with Guy Pearce on Neighbours in the 1980s, Kylie leapt at the chance to appear alongside him in Stephan Elliott’s 2017 Australian film Swinging Safari. Here they play husband and wife Kaye and Keith Hall.

Kylie and the rest of the ensemble cast (Radha Mitchell, Julian McMahon, Jeremy Sims and Asher Keddie) say they had a lot of fun making the film, and in this production still it appears as though Kylie is falling out of character and trying not to laugh as Pearce hams it up for the camera.

The aesthetic of the film is literally front and centre in this promotional image with the hair, make-up, original vintage costumes, colour palette and production design all screaming 1970s camp.

Director Stephan Elliott almost worked with Kylie before, when making The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994). The film was originally intended to be full of Kylie tracks but was changed when PolyGram Entertainment insisted Elliott only include songs from its own music library. Kylie songs were later used in the stage adaptation of Priscilla in 2006.

Notes by Beth Taylor