Kylie live at the Apollo: ‘Still Standing’

Kylie live at the Apollo: ‘Still Standing’
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Following the release of her ninth studio album Body Language in November 2003, Kylie performed live to a packed house at the London Apollo on 15 November.

The audience were treated to a mix of songs from her new album plus many of her greatest hits.

This clip is part of the opening number of the show, ‘Still Standing’. As the anticipation builds among the audience, Kylie makes a dramatic entrance, seated at the end of a high beam that slowly lowers her to the stage while she is singing.

She’s dressed in black and white and the stage and set, along with Kylie’s outfit, have been designed to replicate the album cover for Body Language.

While Kylie barely moves in this clip, the director effectively keeps the energy level high by vision switching between a multitude of cameras, including several trained on the audience.

The clip makes us feel we are there, which is a characteristic of successful concert footage. As the camera pans across the crowd, their excitement is palpable as we see the audience on their feet cheering and singing along.

Kylie is famous for her live shows, choreography, sets and costumes and this performance is no exception.

Notes by Mel Bondfield