Kylie entertains the troops in East Timor

Kylie entertains the troops in East Timor
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This clip features Kylie performing ‘Rockin’ Robin’ for Australian troops and local East Timorese people in the East Timor capital Dili. 

Kylie was one of the headline acts for the concert and sang a range of songs including ‘Santa Baby’, ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ and a duet of ‘Shout’ with John Farnham. 

The clip sees Kylie having a lot of fun on stage, but also shows her professionalism. She lives up to her reputation as a slick stage artist, executing a perfectly choreographed routine under the difficult circumstances of performing in a war zone. 

Her full performance at this concert is also a testament to her versatility and range as a live entertainer. 

The December 1999 Concert for the Interfet Troops at Dili Stadium featured many of Australia’s top artists who volunteered their time to entertain peacekeeping forces in East Timor. 

Included in the line-up was John Farnham, Doc Neeson, The Living End, Gina Jeffreys, Jack Jones and James Blundell, plus hosts Roy and HG (John Doyle and Greig Pickhaver). 

‘Rockin’ Robin’ was written by Leon René and first released by Bobby Day in 1958.

Notes by Mel Bondfield