Kit-E-Kat Cat Food: 'Twice the cat'

Kit-E-Kat Cat Food: 'Twice the cat'
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This vintage advertisement is from a campaign for Kit-E-Kat cat food by George Patterson Advertising that ran from the late 1960s into the 1970s. 

The campaign sold the idea that Kit-E-Kat could fuel even lazy old cats with 'kitten power' and make them feel 'twice the cat'. The images of a yawning older cat are juxtaposed with those of a playful little kitten jumping all over furniture and playing inside a brown paper bag.

The key message of the ad is reinforced by the song playing in the background - 'You Make Me Feel So Young', made famous in the late 1940s by American crooner Frank Sinatra.

The ad also intersperses shots of cattle and a school of fish to drive home the nutritional value of the pet food and promote it as the only food your cat will need to be happy, healthy and strong.

George Patterson Advertising