Kit-E-Kat Cat Food: 'Me and Mrs Jones'

Kit-E-Kat Cat Food: 'Me and Mrs Jones'
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This advertisement is another from a campaign for Kit-E-Kat cat food by George Patterson Advertising from the mid-1970s. 

It features the classic song 'Me and Mrs Jones' and shows a woman who loves to spend time with her cat. She's pictured looking lovingly at the cat and then, as she puts Kit-E-Kat cat food into a bowl, a voice-over tells us it's proof that 'she really cares'.

The song lyric 'we've got a thing going on' indicates that the woman and her cat are true companions who look after each other.

We see the woman in various scenarios with her cat by her side – gardening, hanging laundry and knitting. These scenes infer that someone who cares so much for their cat would only let them eat the very best cat food.