Johnny and Jill Tie the Knot

Johnny and Jill Tie the Knot
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This short excerpt is from the John Farnham's 25th Anniversary (1992) television special and shows his marriage in April 1973 to Jillian Billman. They met while John was starring in the stage musical Charlie Girl.

Other stars might object to having their wedding day intruded upon but John doesn't seem to let it spoil his day and is quite content to share his personal views on the importance of marriage.

The clip captures the singer's extraordinary popularity at the time. There are hectic scenes with crowds of people, reporters and photographers gathering outside the church and lining the streets. Teary-eyed teenage girls watch as John pulls up in the back seat of a Silver Top Taxi at St Matthew's Anglican church.

It is a remarkable record of what stardom meant for a young Australian performer in the 1970s.