Joey Perrone's last show: Young Talent Time, 1984

Joey Perrone's last show: Young Talent Time, 1984
Johnny Young, Clearvoice Pty Ltd
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Episodes featuring a Young Talent Time team member graduating are extra popular with fans. 

This clip from Joey Perrone’s last episode in 1984 is a fine example of a formula the show established for these rites of passage. Shots of Joey’s family, a group farewell set-up and speeches reminiscent of those at a 21st birthday party are used to heighten emotions.  

Johnny Young’s tribute to Joey’s talent and professionalism – and Joey’s emotional reaction – adds to the sequence’s raw emotional power.  

The coverage of this moment is handled well in a live studio setting using multiple cameras. Apart from members of Joey’s family crying, a cut-away of a tearful audience member wearing an ‘I love Joey Perrone’ T-shirt raises the stakes of the farewell and exemplifies the dedication of the show’s fans. 

Joey was a team member from 1980 to 1984. Examples of other farewell episodes include Tina Arena and Dannii (then known as Danielle) Minogue.  

Joey chooses a joyful rendition of ‘All Night Long (All Night)’ – written and made famous by American singer Lionel Richie in 1983 – as his final song before breaking his composure to cry in the arms of his fellow team members. 

This clip comes from episode 84/37 and was broadcast on 20 October 1984. 

Notes by Beth Taylor