Jimmy Barnes works the counter at HMV for AIDS Fundraising

Jimmy Barnes works the counter at HMV for AIDS Fundraising
AIDS Trust of Australia
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This excerpt from the documentary Shop Until You Drop features Jimmy Barnes behind the counter at the Sydney HMV music store in Pitt Street Mall helping to raise money for AIDS research. Barnes is swamped by young fans who are clamouring at the counter trying to get his autograph. This event took place just months after the release of his fourth studio album Two Fires, which was his fifth consecutive number one album. 

The documentary was filmed on World AIDS Day, 1 December 1990 and covered many events across Sydney with celebrities and artists from all areas of the Australian entertainment industry.

With a video wall of monitors showing a Madonna music video, David Campion from the HMV shop introduces the clip. We then see Jimmy greeting fans and signing autographs. He's in his element when he's just being an ordinary bloke chatting with people. As Campion says, Jimmy doesn't usually do 'PAs' or personal appearances, but 'It's the least I can do' according to Jimmy.

He gives the camera the shortest of sound bites since his main aim in being there is to help raise funds for AIDS research. What the camera does capture is a man who is very natural and popular with fans. There's is a palpable sense of chaos as people crush to see Jimmy and get his autograph, which is engagingly filmed.