Jimmy Barnes: Great Aussie Success Stories, Cold Chisel

Jimmy Barnes: Great Aussie Success Stories, Cold Chisel
Nine Network Australia
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Channel Nine reporter Mike Munro interviews Jimmy Barnes about joining Cold Chisel and the first time he met his wife Jane. 

This clip starts with some fascinating early footage of Cold Chisel; it appears to have been filmed directly from a television screen, which explains the rolling bar and poor quality. Nevertheless, it is rare to have such early footage of a seminal Australian band and is a good inclusion in this segment.

By stark contrast the following interview with Jimmy Barnes has all the production values one would expect from a major television station. The live concert footage effectively demonstrates how wild Jimmy could be in concert and it cleverly transitions to introducing his wife Jane, who is portrayed as a calming influence on his life.

This excerpt was from a special hosted by Mike Munro which gets behind the public veneer of some famous Australians.  Apart from Jimmy Barnes the program featured cricketer Shane Warne, motorcycle ace Michael Doohan, rugby star David Campese, entertainer Barry Humphries, authors Colleen McCullough and Thomas Keneally, clean up Australia crusader Ian Kieran, publisher Nene King and TV veteran Brian Henderson.