Jimmy Barnes behind the scenes at Australian Made

Jimmy Barnes behind the scenes at Australian Made
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A candid behind-the-scenes interview with Jimmy Barnes at one of the Australian Made concerts in summer 1986–87.

In a casual conversation while filming scenes for Australian Made, Troy Davies talks to Jimmy about life in Glasgow, his experiences in America and finding success as a solo artist in Australia after the Chisel years. Jimmy seems in a relaxed mood as he answers questions on a broad range of topics and talks about preparing for his performance later in the evening.

These informal and casual interviews, rather than the formal media he's had to do over the years, seem to capture more of the authenticity of Barnes. An unpretentious musician, he's not one for wanting to appear as a rock star. It's a quality that Australian audiences have connected with, and admired him for, over many decades.

Interviews like this are refreshing as they seem more like a conversation that we are eavesdropping on. The hand-held camera in this clip is all over the place and the audio is not the best quality, but it gives a real sense of being backstage at a large concert listening to an Australian musical icon. It's a very fresh and engaging piece of footage.