Jimmy Barnes and John Farnham

 Head and shoulders image of Jimmy Barnes and John Farnham facing eachc other with microphones in their hands. Jimmy Barnes is dressed in a white shirt and John Farnham in a black embroidered shirt. Title of the magazine in white text at top.
Jimmy Barnes and John Farnham
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This poster, a lift-out from Flip Side magazine, is most likely from 1991 after the release of the Jimmy Barnes and John Farnham duet 'When Something is Wrong With My Baby'. The song featured on Jimmy Barnes' Soul Deep album and reached number 3 on the Australian charts. 

Barnsey and Farnsey, as they are often referred to, seem to lock horns on this poster. Barnes with his white shirt and mop of dark hair is the diametric opposite to Farnham's black shirt and blonde hair. It's this inverted symmetry that makes the photo, cleverly captured in live performance, work so well. Whether by serendipity or design, it's an effective image that almost illustrates the magazine's name: Flip Side.