Jimmy Barnes and INXS at Australian Made: Good Times

Jimmy Barnes and INXS at Australian Made: Good Times
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Jimmy Barnes and INXS perform the song 'Good Times' to close one of the Australian Made concerts. They are joined on stage by other artists involved in the tour including Chrissy Amphlett, Chris Bailey, David McComb and Sean Kelly. 

'Good Times' was written by brothers George Young and Harry Vanda and released as a single by The Easybeats in 1968. In late 1986, INXS and Jimmy Barnes released a version which was used to promote the national Australian Made series of concerts that commenced in the same year. The song also later featured on the soundtrack of the hit movie The Lost Boys (Joel Schumacher, USA, 1987).

While this footage is not as polished as some live recordings it successfully captures the slightly chaotic nature of the performance and certainly evokes the energy emanating between some of Australia's most renowned musicians. The sound quality is surprising given the number of musicians performing at the same time, which could not have been an easy task to record and engineer. Overall it's an exciting piece of concert footage and made more significant given the untimely deaths of Michael Hutchence (1960–1997), Chrissy Amphlett (1959–2013) and David McComb (1962–1999) who all appear in it.