Jenny Kissed Me

Poster art for a film called 'Jenny Kissed Me' showing drawings of a man, woman and girl in different poses. The main image in the top right shows a man holding a shotgun. The film title and credits are in the bottom centre of the poster.
Jenny Kissed Me
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Jenny Kissed Me (1986) was an Australian drama directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith and starring Ivar Kants and Deborah-lee Furness.

A change of pace for Trenchard-Smith, who called the film a 'tearjerker for men', the film is a family melodrama with action set-pieces. Jenny (Tamsin West) is the ten-year-old daughter of Carol (Furness), who lives with Lindsay (Kants). When Carol has an affair, Jenny misses Lindsay, who has a terminal disease.

The plot of Jenny Kissed Me is grim to say the least but you wouldn't know it from this poster. It features portraits of characters from the film drawn in a naive, almost folk-art style. The art deco font is an unusual choice, given that the film is not set in the 1920s! Ultimately, it's a very strange design.