I’ve Been Everywhere by Lucky Starr

I’ve Been Everywhere by Lucky Starr
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This 1962 hit was written by Australian country singer Geoff Mack in 1959 and made popular by Lucky Starr. It has such universal appeal that more than 131 versions exist - with lyrics adapted for the United States, New Zealand, the UK and Ireland, Canada, Finland, Germany and many other locations.

The novelty song as originally written listed 94 Australian towns and locations sung at speed, and proved a hit for Leslie William Morrison (known professionally as Lucky Starr), reaching number 1 in the Sydney charts. Soon after Mack wrote an American version, which was a number one hit for Hank Snow. Other famous performers include Johnny Cash, Lynn Anderson and Willie Nelson.

The tongue-twisting lyrics, rapid fire delivery and international success have ensured that this novelty song has remained popular in the Australian imagination long after its initial chart success.