Introducing The Village People

Introducing The Village People
Mike Walsh AM, OBE Hayden Productions
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1970s and 80s disco sensations The Village People perform their single 'Can't Stop the Music', written by Jacques Morali.

The group are in Australia to promote their film Can't Stop the Music (Nancy Walker, USA, 1980) and showcase their custom choreography, repetitive choruses and brightly coloured character costumes.

After the performance, Mike Walsh greets the group and gets them to introduce themselves. They are Ray Simpson (the policeman), Randy Jones (the cowboy), David Hodo (the construction worker), Felipe Rose (the Native American), Glenn Hughes (the leatherman) and Alex Briley (the soldier).

Walsh asks each member what they did before being cast for the group, which ranges from being a back-up singer, to a toll collector at the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel in New York and an actor.

Clip taken from The Mike Walsh Show: Episode 0076.

Notes by Beth Taylor