Hypothetical: Alleged unfair dismissal

Hypothetical: Alleged unfair dismissal
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This excerpt from the Sunday program features part of the first edition of the Hypothetical segment broadcast on 11 March 1984.

Hypothetical is moderated by barrister Geoffrey Robertson AO QC. In each episode Robertson introduces a hypothetical scenario and leads 15 panellists from business, the public service, the law and politics to confront a series of complex problems through role play.

This fascinating exchange features Richard Walsh – chief executive of Angus & Robertson, Carmel Niland – president of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board and businessperson Tim Harricks.

It is instructive of attitudes of the time that the hypothetical embezzling serial harrasser is let off the hook, with his male peers not holding him to account.

The first part of this scenario gives further background about the parties involved in the Hypothetical and highlights the attitudes of the time towards sexual harrassment and misconduct.

Summary by Richard Vorobieff and Beth Taylor