Hot to Trot

Hot to Trot
Palm Beach Pictures
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A cartoon adventure featuring Captain Goodvibes, the pig of steel, and his sidekick Astro.

Captain Goodvibes, the pig of steel, ran for eight years in the surf newspaper Tracks, from 1973 until 1981. He also spawned a radio show on the newly-created ABC youth network, 2JJ (now triple j). Goodvibes cartoonist Tony Edwards was joined soon after he started to broadcast by gifted producer Tony Barrell, who helped to develop the scripts and perform the voices. Later, there were several comic books, a record, calendars, and this film, which Edwards has described as ‘a fiasco’.

The original idea was to make a feature. David Elfick wanted it to be live action, but the script was never any good, according to Edwards. He insisted on returning to the idea of an animated short film, but neither he nor Elfick knew how to make one. Edwards walked away from the project and Elfick finished the film himself. Production took six months and went 100 per cent over budget, according to Elfick. It was shown as a support for a number of surfing films, including Crystal Voyager (1973), and others by Jack McCoy and Nat Young, and on surf movie tours in the US.

The credits list Sebastian Lacosta and Peter Luschwitz as animators, but neither of them stayed with the project till the end, according to Edwards. Kim Humphries, uncredited, also worked on the project.