Horror Movie: A Low Budget Nightmare

Horror Movie: A Low Budget Nightmare
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This documentary follows the journey of filmmaker Craig Anderson trying to fulfil his ambition of making a very low budget horror film called, Red Christmas (2016) - the story of an aborted foetus that seeks revenge on its family.

Anderson quit his job in television and invested all his money into his project. His parents also decided to take out a loan to support their son’s dream. But it seems from this clip that the deal was that Anderson's father be given an acting role. 

Behind-the-scenes docos are often intriguing, even when they're on a small scale, and this one doesn't fail to engage us. There is a charm in this segment as Anderson interacts with his father hilariously attempting to emulate a famous scene from the movie, Dirty Harry (1971). The fly-on-the-wall footage it punctuated by interviews that are effective in giving context to the challenges facing Anderson - and add to the comedy of the situation. The clip is so delightful it makes you want to see the full documentary, even if the feature film that it is about may not be your 'cup of tea'.




Production company:
Fridgejam Productions
Director and Producer:
Gary Doust
Executive Producer:
Megan McMurchy