Heroes of the Dardanelles

Heroes of the Dardanelles
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The Gallipoli campaign inspired a number of patriotic songs like this one, that helped to build the Anzac legend back home and give Australia an independent identity from Britain.

‘Heroes of the Dardanelles’ was written in 1915 by Australian composer Reginald Stoneham, The Sydney Morning Herald described it as ‘a patriotic song which possesses a good deal of character in the opening strain’. The song references other songs popular with Australian and British soldiers at the time - ‘Australia Will Be There’ and ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary.’

The sheet music included the following note and additional lyrics: ‘Author’s Note - If England’s still at war with Germany, if Encore demanded, sing the following lines starting from (A) and also refrain – The lion and his fighting cubs are driving back the hun, the boys out there, they need you, and they wonder if you’ll come, go now, avenge the pals you knew, they’re calling for you there, your watchword, and one we all love well, Advance Australia Fair.’

This recording, made in the United Kingdom by English radio and concert singer Foster Richardson, was released on the Zonophone record label in 1917.