Help restore the film Proof

Help restore the film Proof
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We need your help. We are restoring as many films as our resources permit, but the support of the public will allow us to do more. Help us keep this part of Australia’s history alive!

The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia has an exciting new program to digitally restore and preserve classic and cult Australian films, so they can be seen in today’s digital cinemas. It’s called NFSA Restores, and we’ve already worked on a number of titles, including the much loved 1976 movie Storm Boy.

But we need your help to do more.  Our next project is Proof, an iconic 1991 film by one of our most celebrated directors, Jocelyn Moorhouse (The Dressmaker), and producer Lynda House.  It features spellbinding performances by two actors who would soon become global stars: Russell Crowe and Hugo Weaving.

Proof can’t be kept alive for future audiences to experience on the big screen, as it was intended unless we can digitally restore and preserve the fragile analogue film. New generations won’t be able to enjoy the emotional, communal experience of watching it on the big screen.

Together, we need to raise $25,000 to help preserve and bring this Australian classic back to the big screen.  All pledges to the campaign are tax-deductible, and include an acknowledgement on the Proof restoration webpage.

NFSA Ambassador Margaret Pomeranz has made the first donation towards the restoration of Proof.