Heath Ledger and Rose Byrne in Two Hands

Heath Ledger as Jimmy and Rose Byrne as Alex in a still from Two Hands. The shot is grainy and plays with focus. They are in an embrace while they lean on a wall. Ledger looks at the camera.
Heath Ledger and Rose Byrne in Two Hands
McGowan Films and the photographer
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Directed by Gregor Jordan, Two Hands is a morality tale. Heath Ledger is Jimmy, a naïve 19-year-old who wants to make it big in Sydney’s infamous Kings Cross district. Rose Byrne is Alex, the small-town girl who falls in love with him.

Photographer Stuart Spence created this portrait around the filming of Jimmy and Alex’s first date: 'Working on set everyday, watching their characters interact made it so much easier having Heath and Rose replay their parts offset, on my little location studio sets … You do have to be in the moment and keep still to get the nuance of characters as they evolve in front of you.'