Graham's Hideout - 'Chatting about nothing'

Graham's Hideout - 'Chatting about nothing'
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An extract from 3AK's morning radio program ‘Graham’s Hideout’ from November 1961. It’s the day after the 1961 Melbourne Cup and co-presenters Graham Kennedy and Bert Newton compare notes on their winnings. They bicker in a good-natured fashion and Graham speaks intimately to the listening audience while Bert pops off to the kitchen to make tea. Graham explains there are no on-air commercials this morning because they forgot to bring them!

From 3 April 1961, Graham and Bert broadcast a weekday morning show from a purpose-built studio in Graham’s Frankston’s home, until late December 1962. Given his hectic television commitments, broadcasting from home saved Graham an hour's commute into the city each day. Following the sale of 3AK to GTV-9 in early 1961, all GTV-9 personalities were expected to present programs on 3AK during weekdays.

Graham and Bert were on different Melbourne radio stations when they first met in the mid 1950s. They first worked together when Bert joined Graham on television's In Melbourne Tonight in 1959.

Notes by Maryanne Doyle