Graham Kennedy's Funniest Home Video Show

Graham Kennedy's Funniest Home Video Show
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The Grand Final winner of Graham Kennedy's Funniest Home Video Show is announced, featuring a woman who removes a full set of false teeth. The host then replicates the moment by removing his upper dental plate, surprising the audience, many of whom would have been too young to remember 'The Wilsons' sketches from his In Melbourne Tonight days, in which Kennedy did the same thing. This episode was broadcast on the Nine Network on 15 November 1990.

Kennedy hosted only the first of 24 seasons of Australia's Funniest Home Videos which, for the duration of his tenure, featured his name in the program title. The show invited viewers to send in humorous home-taped offerings, with the prospect of weekly prizes. Even with little to do beyond reading scripted links each week, Kennedy still managed to sneak in moments of seemingly ad libbed hilarity that demonstrated 'The King' had lost none of his comic timing or sense of subversive humour, a feature of his work across his career. 

Taken from the final moments in the series, this moment also marked the end of Kennedy as host of his own television program. Aside from presenting a segment on variety for the 35 Years of Television special the following year and an expletive-filled (and subsequently heavily edited) 1994 interview with Ray Martin in celebration of his 60th birthday, this episode marked Graham Kennedy's retirement from regular television work. 

Notes by Simon Smith