Graham Kennedy Sings the Shows

Front and back cover of album Graham Kennedy Sings the Shows
Graham Kennedy Sings the Shows
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Kennedy's love of stage musicals manifested in his first and only album as a singer. Released during his successful return to hosting his own evening show, Graham Kennedy Sings the Shows features selections from popular Broadway and West End musicals. Graham's encyclopedic knowledge of the genre saw him select lesser-known tunes from hit shows like Cabaret, My Fair Lady and Jesus Christ Superstar.

The 10-song album was recorded at Bill Armstrong Studios in South Melbourne with the assistance of GTV 9 Musical Director, Brian Rangott. Graham was again heard on vinyl four years later when selections from early Blankety Blanks episodes were released on a compilation soundtrack album, issued on Laser Records in 1977.

This image is the album's back cover. It shows Bert Newton, Graham Kennedy and Harry M Miller on horseback. It's a strange image that bears little relationship to the songs on the album and doesn't do much to promote Kennedy as a budding singer. The cover reflects more the tongue-in-cheek album notes written by Newton and Miller. Miller even makes reference to the image: 'It is quite likely that from the proceeds of this album Mr Kennedy will buy himself a larger horse - and probably additional riding lessons'. Other comments in the overly lengthy notes seem almost apologetic for Graham having made the recording at all, or at least they try to awkwardly justify it. Throughout his career Graham Kennedy wanted to demonstrate that he possessed talents beyond being a television host. This album represents that ambition, but it seems that those around him, and even Graham himself, couldn't bring themselves to make that leap without reducing it to something funny, something his fans would recognise. Bert Newton concludes his liner notes by saying in a deprecating manner, 'Sure Graham is not Caruso, but Enrico never had you tapping your feet with a smile on your face'.