Graham Kennedy Scot Towels ad and bloopers

Graham Kennedy Scot Towels ad and bloopers
Seven Network and Kimberly-Clark Australia
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Graham Kennedy's regular return to TV in 1970 was via a 30-second commercial for paper product manufacturer, Bowater Scott Australia Pty Ltd. The commercial premiered here on The Mike Walsh Show and was produced by Ross Wood Productions for the advertising firm USP Benson.

The commercial was directed by Hans Van Alderstein and shot by veteran cinematographer Ross Wood, based on a script by Marion Loker. The commercial depicted various exaggerated situations designed to dramatically show the use of ScotTowels (TV Week, 18 April 1970). Graham details in the interview how the press rumours began that he had been paid as much as $50,000 for this commercial, the highest fee ever paid for an Australia performer for an advertisement. The commercial was shot on 16mm film over two days using various locations in Sydney, including the 17th floor of the Park Regis building, Australia Square and Ben Buckler Point, Bondi.  

A representative for Bowater Scott told TV Week that, 'After screening a lot of talent it became clear that Graham Kennedy was probably the only person in Australia who could effectively fit in and do justice to the concept of the commercial'. The clip also includes various humorous takes that were shot for the production involving Graham getting drenched with water.

Notes by Helen Tully