Graham Kennedy on If Vi Had A Hammer

Graham Kennedy on If Vi Had A Hammer
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Melbourne radio and TV personality Vi Greenhalf presents a promo for her women’s program, If Vi Had A Hammer on GTV9. Vi informs viewers that she has the answers to the burning questions in the media about Graham Kennedy: 'Will Graham come back? What’s he doing? Does he miss television?' 

The clip features Vi’s interview with a relaxed Graham Kennedy at his home in Frankston, just prior to his return to regular television via the evening variety show, The Graham Kennedy Show (1972-1973). Vi references their mutual interest in the Australian Football League (AFL) and the club they both support, St Kilda. Graham talks to Vi about missing his television audiences, and his growing interest in politics. At the time, he was electioneering for former Channel 9 Managing Director Colin Bednall, who was the endorsed Australian Labor Party candidate for Flinders for the federal election on 2 December 1972. 

Notes by Helen Tully