The king of the small screen also made a brief but successful transition to the big screen.

Graham Kennedy always aspired to be a film actor; to him, acting in films was 'travelling first class', compared to appearing on television. After his walk-on role was cut from the filmed-in-Australia Hollywood production On the Beach (1959), he made cameo appearances in They're A Weird Mob (1966, see clip below) and The Box (1975).

Graham tackled more challenging dramatic roles in three films based on David Williamson plays (Don's Party, 1976; The Club, 1980; Travelling North, 1987); and the Vietnam War-set The Odd Angry Shot (1979). He was nominated for Best Actor at the 1981 Australian Film Institute Awards (for The Club), had a small part in the Oscar-winning The Killing Fields (1984) and appeared in several other Australian films in the early 1980s.

You can watch clips from Graham's films below as well as TV appearances where he discusses his film work.

This collection complements our online exhibition, Graham Kennedy: The King.