Graham Kennedy candle

Sculpted orange wax candle of Graham Kennedy's head.
Graham Kennedy candle
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A wax candle crafted in the shape of Graham’s head. It was made in the early-mid 1970s by freelance TV scriptwriter Roger Dunn for an internal promotion by Melbourne TV station GTV 9.

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As well as being an AWGIE-award winning scriptwriter, Roger Dunn set up Dunwix, a backyard novelty-candle-making business, in his garage which lasted for about five years during the 1970s. Roger's extensive screenwriting credits include The Sullivans, BellbirdThe BoxA Country PracticeNeighbours and Return to Eden.

Judy Leech donated this candle to the NFSA and it came from the collection of her father, Jack Leech, a studio technician with Radio 3AK in Melbourne (owned by TV station GTV 9), where Graham worked.