Girls Just Want To Have Fun: Young Talent Time, 1985

Girls Just Want To Have Fun: Young Talent Time, 1985
Johnny Young, Clearvoice Pty Ltd
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The Young Talent Team performed numerous concerts over its 18-year run, and this is an excerpt from one of them, filmed at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in 1985. 

Vanessa Windsor (1983–87) and the team sing Cyndi Lauper’s 1983–84 hit ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’, which was written and first recorded by American musician Robert Hazard in 1979. 

As with most of the performances on the show, the vocals have been pre-recorded and the kids mime to the backing track. The sped-up vocal effects after the first chorus stand out as a strange choice.

The choreography and costumes complete with pom poms are simple but effective. The camera coverage succeeds in giving the audience front row seats at home with a range of angles covered. 

Other team members featured include Karen Dunkerton (1981–85) Katie Van Ree (1981–86, 1987) and Lorena Novoa (1984–87, 1988). 

This excerpt comes from episode 85/12 which was recorded on 18 March 1985 at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. Other live shows include the Expo 88 show and their appearance at Australia's Wonderland in 1988.

Notes by Beth Taylor