Frog Dreaming Daybill

Poster art for a film called 'the legend of frog dreaming' showing a young boy wearing a camouflage vest standing on a platform or pier with a light shining in the distance. The film title and credits are above and below the image.
Frog Dreaming Daybill
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Straight from Hollywood, and famous for starring in ET the Extra Terrestrial (1982), Henry Thomas travelled to Australia to appear in Brian Trenchard-Smith's film Frog Dreaming (1986) AKA The Quest for its US release.

The poster even states 'You loved him in ET. Now Henry Thomas his back as Cody Walpole.' The film goes under several alternate titles, including The Go-Kids in the UK, The Spirit Chaser in Germany, Henkien taistelu (Fighting Spirits) in Finland and Il mistero del lago scuro (The Mystery of the Dark Lake) in Italy.

This poster tells us very little about the film itself and seems more intent on highlighting young star Henry Thomas and his role in Steven Spielberg's blockbuster hit.

There is a sense of mystery about the boardwalk vanishing into a blinding light surrounded by mist. But without giving us any sense of the story, the poster isn't as effective at promoting the film as it could be.