Female Forum: a woman's place is in the home

Female Forum: a woman's place is in the home
Mike Walsh AM, OBE Hayden Productions
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Female Forum is a segment on The Mike Walsh Show where a panel of prominent women act as agony aunts for a letter-writer in need of guidance.

The clip features hairdresser Lillian Frank, Ena Harwood (who featured on Network Ten's panel show Beauty and the Beast) and model Maggie Eckhardt.

This particular letter is from a woman questioning her daughter-in-law's career choices.

The panel's differing responses display common social attitudes from the late 1970s regarding the place of women in society and acceptable ways to balance a career with marriage and motherhood.

This is a full segment from the show. The Mike Walsh Show ran for 90-minutes five days a week.

This clip is from Episode 8012 of The Mike Walsh Show.

Notes by Beth Taylor