Favourite Things: Young Talent Time, 1983

Favourite Things: Young Talent Time, 1983
Johnny Young, Clearvoice Pty Ltd
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An essential part of Young Talent Time’s success was the way it not only showcased the talent of individual team members, but also shared details of each child’s life and their diverse interests outside of performing.

This clip from episode 83/02 is an excellent example of how the show distinguished the team members, giving the audience at home the sense that they were getting to know them. 

Earlier in this episode graduate Sally Boyden (1973–76) shares a rendition of ‘My Favorite Things’ from a stage production of The Sound of Music, which she was starring in at the time.

Here host Johnny Young and the team share their favourite things finishing with a rendition of the song, written by Rodgers and Hammerstein. 

Tina Arena (1977–83) plays ‘Music! Music! Music! (Put Another Nickel In)’, written by Stephen Weiss and Bernie Baum, on the piano.

Joey Perrone (1980–84) does a magic trick. Karen Dunkerton (1981–85) brings in some of her porcelain Pierrot doll collection. Bobby Driessen (1979–83) has his dog Shep. Katie Van Ree (1981–86, 1987) loves animals and has brought in her lamb Wolfie.  

Danielle (Dannii) Minogue shares a doll in a doll’s pram. Vince Del Tito (now Deltito, 1983–88) has brought in his cockatoo Fred. Michael Campbell (1981–83) loves parasailing. Jodie Loebert (1980–83) rides her motorbike on set.

Johnny says that his favourite things are the nine team members in the type of corny moment the show often embraced. 

The camera and sound team do well to cover what would have been a chaotic shoot, with nine children, a host of animals and a loud motorbike on set in front of a live studio audience.

There are some awkward moments in the banter, such as Johnny calling Bobby’s dog Shep a ‘dumb dog’, but overall the clip is illuminating and engaging. 

Notes by Beth Taylor