The end of newsreels: Ray Edmondson

The end of newsreels: Ray Edmondson
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Following the advent of television in 1956, newsreel in Australia shared the common fate of cinema newsreels in other parts of the world. The medium became a news magazine, gradually shrinking on length and increasing in sponsored content to compensate for diminishing budgets.

In 1970 the two rival newsreel production companies combined: the all-Australian Cinesound Review joined forces with Fox Movietone News (Australian edition) to become Australian Movie Magazine. The venture quietly faded out as a production company in 1975.

These days the collection of Australian cinema newsreel - a massive resource of historical and cultural significance - is managed by the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA). The Cinesound-Movietone Newsreel Collection has been added to the Australian Memory of the World Register, part of UNESCO's Memory of the World Program.


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