Ed Devereaux sings the Skippy theme

Ed Devereaux sings the Skippy theme
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Skippy's enormous popularity at home and abroad inevitably resulted in a range of merchandising spin-offs, including several sound recordings related to the series.

Here, Ed Devereaux (who played Head Ranger Matt Hammond) sings the Skippy theme tune (AKA 'Hippity Hop'), Eric Jupp's familiar composition but with lyrics.

This version of the song is slower than that recorded by The Executives for Series 1, Episode 35 – 'The Bushrangers', and is a much more professional studio recording. However, it does seem a little strange hearing what is basically a jaunty children's television theme tune crooned with such polish and earnestness.

Devereaux (1925–2003) was a prolific actor who worked steadily in the UK and Australia from the 1950s onwards.

Notes by Stephen Groenewegen and Adam Blackshaw